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Text Messaging FAQs

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What are the steps in sending Bulk Text Messages?

Only send mass text messages to people that have chosen to participate in your campaign. Go to "Messages", you will be at "Send Group Text" by default. Type your message in the Message field. Although you can make your texts as long as you would like, we recommend that you keep them under 145 characters. The reason for this is that many cell phones do not have the capabilities of viewing messages that are longer than 145 characters. After entering your message, select the date and time at which you would like the message to be sent. You may set the message to deliver immediately, or you may set the delivery to be at any time and/or date in the future. Once the message has been submitted, an administrator will review it. You will receive a note on your account if something needs to be corrected. Otherwise, the message will be sent at the time and date which you have specified. Finally, you must select the group that you would like to send the message to. Click "Check All" to send to message to your entire list. Click "Preview" to check for any corrections that need to be made. Once you are finished, click "Send".

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