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YepText anti-spam policy

Unsolicited messages, or any messages sent by unauthorized users, are not tolerated by YepText's Anti-spam policy. If you receive unsolicited messages, you may send a return message or block e-mails from YepText. Please report any abuse as soon as possible. To report abuse, send us your mobile number, along with the time and date of the message. If possible, please send the content of the message that you are reporting. Upon receiving any complaints, we will immediately begin an investigation on the reported Client. The identities of all individuals involved will remain confidential.

Enforcement of YepText's Anti-spam Policy

All YepText Clients agree to the company's Terms and Conditions upon registration. Before Clients can submit their mobile lists to our system, they must first provide us with information regarding the methods used for compiling their mobile lists. YepText can track information on sent messages, including the sender and the contents of the message. Anyone can opt-out using the Unsubscribe page, or by having his or her number removed by the Client. Once a user has opted-out from a Client's list, they will not be able to re-subscribe. YepText maintains an opt-out list that prevents users that have opted-out from re-subscribing. Violations of YepText's Anti-spam policy may result in a warning or possibly termination of the Client's services. Termination of a Client's services may extend to future services as well. YepText complies with all state and national laws and regulations with regards to unsolicited text messaging and/or spam.

Opt-Out / Unsubscribe / Remove

Users can remove themselves from a client's list at anytime by typing "Opt-Out", "Unsubscribe", or "Remove" in the message field of the form. Abuse can be reported by sending us your mobile number, the content of the message (if possible), and the time and date that the message was received. Your mobile number will be removed from the abuser's list, and he or she will be prohibited from contacting you again in the future.
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