YepText Literally Works With Anything...
97% of all text messages

We've created ready-to-go apps and
an awesome mobile website so you can start
managing your text message campaigns on-the-go.

No matter where you are.

iPhone is still the most popular smart phone in the world.
Our team recognizes the need for creating an iPhone app and delivering
the power of Group Text Messaging and Mobile Identity to the iphone users.
Group Text Messaging How To Use Our API
Growing demand for Android based phones shows that Google's
operating system is here to stay. The YepText team has created an app
for Android users to take their Group Text Messaging account mobile.
Mobile Surveys Text Messaging Campaigns
Mobile Website
You don't have to own iPhone or Android phone to use YepText on your
mobile phone. We wanted to empower everyone and give you the ability to
enjoy the Group Text Messaging tool on any mobile phone with internet capabilities.
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